Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog Feeds

Google Reader gives insight into what's truly your interest. Most of the time I feel a bit overwhelmed by excess - excess stuff, excess weight, excess interests, excess choice. So I've been on google reader for a few weeks now checking out recommended blogs and adding and deleting until some kind of focus is emerging.
Firstly, I really like having my internet time pre-recommended twice - once by google and then once again by a blogger who says, "don't miss this". It hacks a bit of a path through the internet jungle. And I've discovered that I'm really not all that interested in what's happening in the medical world or the literary world or in Anglican politics or any other kind of politics. So basically I've spent my whole life studying secondary interests. And what rises to the top: how to organize, design, simplify, and communicate a less complex lifestyle. And that explains why I preferred the compartmentalized life working in personnel for a major corporation to the total immersion into motherhood/church work lifestyle. And it also explains why I appreciated the culture of the southern Tutchone people in Yukon so much. They knew what I most wanted to learn and tried to show me a different way.

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