Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Paddy's Stew and Games Night

Another great annual event - celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a Stew, Bread and Desserts supper and then an evening of games playing. For some reason, I'm not the type that can read the directions on a box and know how to play the game. I have to be taught the rules and actually see it being played before I'll give it a try. Tonight I learned how to play King's Court and took the box home and played it some more with Peter before bed. Another game I've learned in this parish is Sequence. I've noticed within our own family and our relatives that playing games has become much more frequent now that the kids have become visitors. When the kids make the journey home, it's a celebration and games draw people closer together and allows the newest people joining the family to get some pleasure out of the visit. We're not nearly as intimidating when we're having fun. Give it a try. Blow the dust off those old board games and have an evening of good food, great friendship, a bit of music and delight your inner child with a game that can be quickly learned and shared.

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