Thursday, March 13, 2008

Making Palm Crosses

Wednesday was the annual pizza, wine and making palm crosses night. It is so great. When you do a google search of how to make palm crosses, you find directions that are totally beyond my ability to turn from image into cross. The right way is to figure out who knows the secret, easy way and be shown. After the first 3 crosses, you go into a zen state where you'd happily make enough crosses to supply a village. After a couple of hours, the group looks at the pile and starts brainstorming about how to make use of the extra hundreds ... well there's the nursing homes and surely everyone has a few friends who'd like a cross and don't forget that a few have to be burnt next year to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday. The mystery is that no matter how many crosses you've made, when we gather together next year, everyone will be quite fuzzy about how to make them and the first part will be experimenting until someone figures it out all over again.

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