Monday, March 10, 2008

Moleskine Notebooks

Do you know about Moleskine Notebooks? Not me. But then I got hooked at looking at real office spaces on flickr and moleskin notebooks seem to be everywhere. So I started googling "Moleskin". They have their own legends and stories about moleskine's website: And there's a website where people report sightings of moleskine journals in movies,
So now I feel like someone who has been wandering around the beach and not noticing sea shells. How could I totally miss out on something that so many bloggers extoll!
As for me, I use one of those green Teacher's Daily Plan and Record Book notebooks. I fill one a year with stuff I want to remember while surfing the web. How dated is that! I'm back in 1958 wanting the big notebook the teacher had as opposed to the little ones that were kept under lock and key. First you had to prove your notebook was totally full of serious blackboard copying and then the most trusted student would get the key and walk down the hall and into the furnace room and then unlock the cupboard door and bring back a brand, new notebook - such a precious treasure.

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