Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weighty Matters
Weighty Matters is a blog written by an Ottawa bariatrics physician. While I have reservations about bariatric surgery and the consumption of artificial sweetners, he provides summaries of the misinformation being pubished as medical fact and provides the questions you should be asking when reading obesity studies. Of the massive amounts of information written for fat people that I've read over the years, I must admit that after 5 minutes on his site, he had me reaching for the orange and the carrots sticks - and that's a first. I think it's because he's practically a crusader against Health Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation and something called Health Check and a whole pile of other organizations that we have been conditioned to trust. Rather than being a sinner beating oneself up and continually repenting, one starts to feel like David in a world of Goliaths. Instead of stones, he advocates letter campaigns which has a real social action feel about it - a kinda combination 60s protest/church lady protest - bring back the memories, I'm young again feeling It would appear that there's lots of conflicts of interest out there and a lot of dubious characters placing themselves at the helms of power in the nutritional world. Reading the site makes you feel like Julia Roberts when Mel Gibson came into her life in the movie Conspiracy Theory. And it's just so much more fun to feel like Julia Roberts than obese aging housewife. Check out it out and decide what you think of the guy. Is he a crack pot or is he the real thing?

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