Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Message to Marketers

I'm a non-consumer and it's not because I'm resistant to change. So help me out a little and provide the information I need so I can purchase the product I want. And if you do have the information out there, tell me where to find it because cyberspace is a crowded place.

When the kids leave home, everything is either worn out or out of date because the decision making criteria in a house with kids isn't fun - more like it fits the budget, can withstand heavy cleaning and is indestructable. Post parenting, the list of criteria can expand in more personally rewarding ways so I want you to tell me what your marketing advantage is so I take that into consideration when formulating my decision grid. And then we'd really like a way of giving you feedback on why we chose or didn't choose your product because nothing is more frustrating than finding an almost perfect product that didn't meet a deciding criteria because the developers were all too young to think about it.

For example, as a mother, I valued black clothing more than Johnny Cash because I wasn't about to spend my life doing stain removal. The older you get, the weight of the garmet becomes increasingly more important. Older people plan their energy expenditures so they want light weight, supportive clothing that is easy to care for that doesn't draw attention to lack of body sculpting. All this explains why the elderly dress more like athletes and less like runway models.

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