Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clergy Spouse Blogs

Thought I'd do a quick peak through clergy spouse blogs but I need a better search term. Clergy spouses generally don't identify themselves as such under it comes up in a post. Pastor's wife turns up more stuff but most of it is way too sweet to be of much help to a Anglican. I did read a couple in each category: Pastor's wife: discussion on how to practice hospitality and take food to others while paying off student loans. Episcopalian wife: While out with my son at the beer store, several parishioners said they'd be over to celebrate with us. Pastor's wife: And I made these adorable matching mother/daughter outfits for Easter. Episcopalian wife: And I was discreetly buying this really sexy thong underwear and right when the saleswoman is about to ring it up, a church lady slips into line and waves it in the air. Pastor's wife: It felt so good to overhear my 4 year old praying for the special needs of her little pals. Episcopalian wife: I checked on the kids and my 4 year old was distributing the reserve communion wine and doggie kibble and absolving his pals of their sins. Well actually that last one wasn't from a blog. However, if there were blogs when my kids were little, I would have posted it.

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