Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Colour is Copper

My daughter is getting married in October and the bridesmaids dresses are copper. Paula picked October because she wanted fall leaves for the wedding pictures. My coloring is definitely spring so none of the leaf colors work with my skin tones. As I've never been to a wedding where the girls were wearing copper, I had trouble envisioning it. Did a google search and discovered that copper and plum go together. Quite the revelation to me. Plum I like. Is plum in fashion? Do I stand a hope of finding a plum coloured outfit? Certainly hope so.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finding Friends

Today I connected to two friends who lived at Westminster College when I did. We were at a dinner/silent auction and I just had to ask one of the women what her maiden name was. Sure enough it was someone who lived on the 2nd floor of residence when I was on 3rd floor.
As soon as I got home I checked to see if I had any new facebook friends and I'd been accepted by someone whose profile picture was of someone chopping wood at a distance so making out facial features was impossible. Sure enough she was a girl who lived on lst floor of residence that same year.
Both of them look about 20 years younger than I do even though I'm the youngest. Quite the wakeup call. It's all about choices. One was a phys ed teacher. I'm not sure what the other one's secret was. I know at the last high school reunion I attended, the woman who got the prize for having changed the least was the nutritionist. I definitely need to eat healthier and become more active. I don't have problems with people having aged more graciously than myself but I'm not so sure I want to look like I'm their mother.

Becoming a grandfather

My husband is excited about becoming a grandfather. He calls the developing baby "Little Bean" and prays for Little Bean every day. He's also making a mental list of things he wants Little Bean to teach him - like how to use his computer. I'm thinking the kids may have reason for jealousy. When they were little, he was more career focused. When he becomes a grandfather, he may be at the perfect stage for enjoying little ones.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Absorbing Information

As you can see, I went through a long period where it was all about taking in information and not much about creating blog posts. Information flows in without any effort on my part - no matter what's happening or what mood one is in - the river of information keeps flowing past. Creating blog posts takes a more focused, intentional approach. Time to shift gears and find ways to remind myself to act rather than react.