Friday, November 20, 2009

Finding Friends

Today I connected to two friends who lived at Westminster College when I did. We were at a dinner/silent auction and I just had to ask one of the women what her maiden name was. Sure enough it was someone who lived on the 2nd floor of residence when I was on 3rd floor.
As soon as I got home I checked to see if I had any new facebook friends and I'd been accepted by someone whose profile picture was of someone chopping wood at a distance so making out facial features was impossible. Sure enough she was a girl who lived on lst floor of residence that same year.
Both of them look about 20 years younger than I do even though I'm the youngest. Quite the wakeup call. It's all about choices. One was a phys ed teacher. I'm not sure what the other one's secret was. I know at the last high school reunion I attended, the woman who got the prize for having changed the least was the nutritionist. I definitely need to eat healthier and become more active. I don't have problems with people having aged more graciously than myself but I'm not so sure I want to look like I'm their mother.

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