Friday, March 14, 2008

Google Reader

Google Reader is quite entertaining if you don't mind having a life that's an open book. If you click the discover button, up comes a list of 20 blogs that have been matched in some way to information google knows about you. Every day there are a few changes on the list. It's an added dimension. Not only is there the possibility of discovering something really great that you wouldn't have randomly found on your own, but there's the added mystery of what linked you to that site. Does google's profile of me match the profile I have of myself, the profile of how I think other people perceive me? I suspect google knows me more as the person I wish I were and gives me credit for being edgier, brighter and more creative than the bore I am. And the truth is, the mirror the world holds up to your face does influence how you think about yourself. The google mirror is very flattering - better than a face lift and a tummy tuck.

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