Tuesday, June 12, 2007

University Tuition

I've been leaving Retirement Planning books strategically located around the house. The kids just don't have it through their heads that their father will be 65 in 9 years. I use 65 to get them thinking - I doubt Stephen will ever stop working. They think they have an infinite amount of time in which to realize an education would be useful. And I'm saying, "Get on with it already. Tuition fees only go up and the financial offers we made to you were based on the assumption that you'd all be finished school before the breadwinner's retirement."
On the other hand, the breadwinner occasionally says, "If I were going to get a doctorate, I think it would be in (it changes). And sometimes I think if someone could guarantee I'd live to 90 with my brain cells still firing, it might be worth going back to school myself. Reality is that the return on investment makes it unreasonable - independent learning is a much more rational decision for us. The diplomas I have live a hidden life in the bottom of my dresser drawer. The last time anyone asked to see them was November 1978.
Hubby and I were discussing the other day what the differences would be between life in a university dorm and life in a senior's apartment once the baby boomers re-design retirement. To loosely borrow from a line in Dirty Dancing, "No one is going to leave the boomers sitting in a corner." I don't know what they'll be doing but it's bound to be breath taking.

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