Friday, June 15, 2007

Personal Development

Check out this personal development blog
It's written by an 18 year old and it's pretty amazing.
The only person I met who was dedicated and organized about pursuing personal development during the teen years was a staffer at Huron Church camp. In the old days, one of the duties of the camp nurse was to do a daily inspection of the cabins. I don't know when the neatness gene kicks in but the staff cabins tended to be a bit chaotic. Once I suggested to the guys that perhaps it was time for action but I soon discovered that the solution hadn't been to fill garbage bags but rather to sweep everything through the trap door and down under the building. I decided fast food boxes inside the building potentially attracting flies and mice were preferable to fast food boxes under the building attracting skunks and raccoons. Perhaps they took pity on me or grew weary of the situation, but they did do a major cleanup after the next day's inspection. I suppose they waited until after inspection to show it was their idea and not caving in to the rating system.
So back to my story about the staffer with an interest in personal motivation. She had a bunk bed to herself. The top bed was totally covered with the kind of stuff you can buy at drug stores - shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, body lotions, etc. As she told me, "One can never have too many personal hygiene items". She had covered her wall space with motivational quotes and goals. I was pretty impressed and every once in a while I send out a little prayer for her and her dreams of achievement.

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