Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goal Setting & Gift Bags

I have a bunch of gift bags suspended from a closet door in my office. Paula's love seat is in there and if I nap on it, I wake up staring at the gift bags so I'm constantly reminded of my goals. Inside each folder there is an average of 3 duo tang folders with notes and pictures on different components of reaching the goal and perhaps some useful small objects.
For example, the Winnie the Pooh gift bag is the one on health because I think it's healthier to use an image of a similar body type to one's own. Inside I have a folder on my online diet group Sparkspeople, a folder of appropriate menus and a folder of exercises that make sense to me. I also print on a calender with each month devoted to a different health theme with a suggestion for options toward achieving or preventing the month's health focus on each day. I also keep an exercise band and a pedometer in there so I don't have to hunt for them. This one is pretty complete and I'll tell you about the others as I finish them.

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