Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Goal Setting and Binders

This is where I actually began the goal setting process. As I downloaded things from the internet, I decided to store the information in binders. I forget what I don't see and binders look ok sitting out on a bookshelf. I'm also pretty klutzy so with binders I don't have to worry about everything scattering if I should happen to drop one.
Over the 12 years I've been on the internet, it was very obvious that everything I was interested in fits into about a dozen or so broad categories. So I have lots of information fairly well sorted but the binders are just too heavy and awkward to enjoy working with. So now I'm taking what's in those folders, dividing it into 3 subthemes and picking the best of the best to put in the duo tangs folders (still keeping everything clipped together) that will be going into the gift bags.
So the broad categories are faith; health; writing; the seasons (Christmas, Easter - anything that everyone comes home to celebrate); household management or really what to do with the mess; food; paper crafts/calligraphy; quotations; pictures I've collected from magazines; the arts (music, dance, etc); finances (I'm the one that's supposed to have the plan for the kids' education, weddings, our retirement, and anything else that falls under miracles); neurodevelopment/neurodegeneration (the area I would have chosen to work in); coaching; and family health information.

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