Friday, June 29, 2007

The New Primate

This is the first time that I've been old enough to read a Primate's biography and look for points of connection. My son checked out the Anglican Church when he moved to Nova Scotia. He thought the Greeter was a bit suspicious of navy kids so now he's going R.C. - late Sunday afternoon service beside a Tim Hortons. Just thought you'd like to know. He's a regular attender and a good giver - made a mistake letting that one get away.

And I loved the interview with Lynn where she explains the difference 3 years can make and why Toronto now seems like such a great idea. Your son the jazz musician, my son the writer - not exactly investment bankers, eh. So are you looking for the tiniest place you can find to maintain the empty nest or are you looking for a large place with enough spare rooms to accommodate family and extended family? The baby boomers love you already - nothing is as bonding as housing issues. Perhaps there's a window of opportunity. Parents of young adult children feel a need for God - an all knowing, everywhere presence - and might be drawn to a church with leadership that gets it - that really knows the boatload of money it takes to launch kids today.

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