Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Commencement Addresses

Dana Gioia gave a Stanford Commencement Address on June 17th. Some students thought he wasn't famous enough. So he talks about how few living thinkers and artists today have name recognition within society because the arts programs have been cut in favour of programs with more commercial value.

What do you remember about the commencement address on your graduation day? I mainly remember wanting to get out of the hall and hoping it would be short. Most people put quite a bit of thought into their address and I really hope more of them will be posted on the web. Graduation day just isn't the best listening day - large hot auditorium, hundreds of people to process across the stage, pictures, flowers, visiting parents, saying goodbye to friends, remember to return the rental cap and gown - way too much happening.

After the hoopla is over, in the comfort of your home, that's the time to process the words that someone hoped would enrich your life.

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