Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Same Sex Blessings

The details of what passed and didn't and how the numbers fell can be found at In a world without social commitments, I would have sat glued to my computer screen listening to everyone's moment at the microphone but I kept having to wonder away as I prepared for and attended 3 pot luck meals that weekend. I'm hoping there will be opportunities to hear whatever I missed live.
I know and respect people who voted on both sides of the issue. The wonderful and the difficult part is that these were sincere people who really wanted to do the just thing while being true to their fundamental belief system. They say it was a city/rural split but I think it was something different. The Bishops I personally knew who voted against it were or had been Bishops in Dioceses where a large percentage of parishioners had attended Indian Residential Schools. And the ones who voted in favour, were Bishops who had done significant amounts of work in Dioceses where many of the parishioners are homosexuals. It's really a matter of who you know, whose stories have deeply touched, who you have made a commitment to.
And what it really boils down to is do you believe that people can control their sexuality - that they can commit to lifelong, monogamous relationships? The Bishops would really like to believe that all of their clergy and their parishioners can control their sexuality but it seems like a lot of their time is spent on sorting through sexuality issues.

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