Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Top 10 Psychology Videos

PsychCentral has posted its list of the ten best psychology videos available on the web. When I was in Grade 13, I thought I wanted to become a psychologist and I took as many psychology courses as I did English Literature courses but opted for the English degree because I was more interested in how people construct their lives than in mice experiments. Then I entered nursing school partly to acquire some discipline like a guy joining the army and partly because of hormones and my social group. It was during my Psychiatric nursing rotation that I realized that the mid-life women who were hospitalized for depression had every reason in the world to think their husbands were toads rather than princes and their children were no prizes either. But you can't say, "If I had your life, I'd want to kill myself too", so immediately after graduating and passing my RN exams, I switched to business and started working in Human Resources for General Motors.

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