Monday, August 4, 2008

30 Day Declutter Challenge - Discovery

Guess what? I'm not a declutterer. Wherever I go in my house to declutter, I see what I need to buy. I'm not a shopper and I've never spent the money to set up efficient systems. The biggest discovery is that we turn every room into an office so wherever you go, you see massive amounts of information you haven't looked at. We have 3 bookcases in our bedroom, 2 bookcases in the hallway, 2 bookcases in the spare room, 1 bookcase in our son's room, 5 bookcases in the livingroom, 1 bookcase in the diningroom, a wall of bookcases in Stephen's office, 6 bookcases in the living room, crates of books in the upstairs laundry room and boxes of books in the basement and we've left behind way more books than we've moved over the years. And not only are there books in all those rooms - there's also mini offices in all those rooms. When you add satellite dish tv, movies, music and fast speed internet to the mix, the picking up and tossing never seems as urgent as the information waiting to be processed and synthesized and needed to accomplish whatever. I'm not decluttering - just tossing the totally shabby and updating.

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