Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Will Survive - Pesach

Finally - a song to house clean by
The only problem for me is that there never was help. Tell me - is it a spiritual discipline if someone else does the actual work? Anyway I'm going to do a little research into cleaning for Pesach to try to take this whole thing to a more spiritual level. Do you get credit for the violent acts you didn't commit when incredibly awful things happened when you cleaned - for example, someone donating 3 truckloads of dirt to be dumped by both the front and back doors of the rectory the week of Stephen's ordination to the priesthood. Paula was a month old, Peter was 20 months old, David was 3 years old and all the priests were robing in our house. It rained that morning and the first priest to arrive not only decided to walk through all that mud instead of on the boards Stephen laid out, he also decided that he was too important to take his very muddy shoes off and proceeded to walk through every single room. That was just the beginning of a rapidly deteriorating experience. By the time the service began, I was singing "I Will Survive" in my head to the whole group of clergy and the Bishop leading them in prayer.

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