Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Indaba Groups

Following the story of Lambeth Conference was mesmorizing. Who was going to control the conference agenda - the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Presiding Bishop of the United States. The U.S. bloggers complained about a medieval, undemocratic administration ignoring the fact the representation by number of parishioners attending service on an average Sunday would enhance Africa's power and decrease American representation. No we weren't talking about democracy, we were talking "He who can pay the piper, gets to call the tune" which I am sure is an even older concept than feudalism.
The Indaba Groups gave all the Bishops a chance to tell their story and be respectfully listened to. It also assumed that all Bishops had some vital truth to contribute that all could learn from.
And then there is the Millenieum Goals - a commitment to the rights of even the poorest children of the world to a chance for survival, a chance for an education.
And so to the Archbishop of Canterbury, I say that far from being a medieval fuddy duddy, you are a revolutionary and so here's a link to Tracy Chapman's song "We're Talking About a Revolution".

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