Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marketing to Kids

The Oreo Episode of Seventh Heaven
I spent a fair bit of time trying to understand marketing this year. My son was taking a marketing course and I read whatever is lying around so I found all these links and navigated myself though the marketing strategies of various companies. It was really quite fun for someone interested in what's happening with the English language. Who knew that soda pop companies refer to their products as hydrating beverages?

I don't watch Seventh Heaven because real life clergy families get into way more interesting trouble. However if you take the time to open the above link, you will get to watch an episode of Seventh Heaven build around Oreo cookies. If you get stuck in a social situation where you end up watching a movie or a tv show or a video game that is torture to watch, add a little interest to the situation by watching the product placement strategy. I want to watch the Oreo cookie episode again myself because I didn't count but some marketing guy figured out the maximum number of times one could say Oreo while still maintaining a story line.

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