Thursday, August 7, 2008

Christian the Lion

This video is so amazing. In the church, clergy are encouraged to leave a parish and not retain emotional bonds as it is consider an interference to the parish bonding with the new rector. Transferring never gets easier and in talking to clergy wives it actually gets much harder with each move. It's impossible to do ministry if you don't give your heart away and it's unethical to form deep emotional bonds with people you know you will be expected to dump a few years down the road. The reason it gets harder the older you get is you can't create a lifestory you are proud of if all you have are fragments of a life. It's like viewing a video where there is damage to the images at predictable intervals. Right when you get to a really great part there's distorted images and then a new storyline without a transition that makes emotional sense. This youtube clip makes me cry because this Lion has more freedom and depth of expression than I do.

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