Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Anniversary

Updated my profile. We've been married 28 years and our oldest has turned 27. We spent the night at a marina motel about an hour's drive from home. We slept through our first anniversary because we had a brand new baby and we pretty much slept through this anniversary just because we could. There's a really beautiful park with tons of flowers that we could walk through. It ended near an ice cream parlour. We'd emerge from our room, walk through the park, order a single dip of ice cream in a cup and then head back to the privacy of our rooms. Being old married couples, we'd taste one another's ice cream and over the course of the 24 hours sampled 6 different flavours. So now we know that Stephen's favourite is mango and I like picking out fresh fruit and having it blended into vanilla yoghurt. Checkout time was 11 and we couldn't make the journey home until after our 4 o'clock doctor's appointments so we decided to fill in the time at the local library. By chance, an old friend was also at the library so we got caught up to date on a choral singing group we used to belong to. Overall we had such a pleasant time that we've decided that from now on we're going to celebrate our anniverary quarterly. Both Stephen and I are healthy but our doctor thinks that now we are over 55, he should see us four times a year so that works out perfectly with our mini-anniversary plans.

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