Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lambeth Conference Update

Being a God, Queen, Country and Family type person, I just couldn't get enough of Lambeth Conference. Maybe because I'm such a disorganized person myself, order and good governance are pretty high values in my life. And maybe what I like best of all is that Canada is part of many families - Commonweath countries, French language countries, indigenous people living north of 60, the worldwide Anglican communion, etc., etc. Everything to Canadians is a family reunion - a gathering of adult brothers and sisters in a place where all have an emotional connection. I just can't process why the Episcopalians have so much angst about the Archbishop of Canterbury being the first amongst equals. Watch the movie Down Periscope starring Kelsey Grammer. Reality is that leaders and crews can be gloriously eccentric and still function effectively in reaching an impossible target.

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