Friday, August 15, 2008

37 Days
Thirty-seven days challenges people to live as if they had 37 days left to live or to at least examine their priorities or maybe just be a little kinder. It's one of those sites that reminds you life isn't to be squandered.
I suppose I stumbled across it because I had my doctor on my mind. I never and I mean never voluntarily visit his office (even though I think he's the greatest) but I do come in if his office phones. I've finally figured out why I can't slip through the cracks - some Ontario computer somewhere keeps track of cancer screening tests and alerts your doctor that even though he never sees you, you haven't been seeing anyone else. It works quite well as I figure if I have to go, my husband should have to go as well so we both are assessed annually thanks to our government health care tracking system. While you would think that the government would be thinking there are too many aging baby boomers around, there seems to be a commitment to keeping us alive.

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