Sunday, February 10, 2008

Using Multiple Computers

The first article I read about the efficiency of using multiple computer screens was in reference to Bill Gates' office. Then there was that picture of Al Gore's office with his multiple screens. Well when I was lonely and a bit bored in Halifax, I gave it a try. Don't do it unless you want to be instantly hooked. My short term memory is very short. By using two screens, I can put instructions, rules, research, whatever on one screen and use the other screen for composing. It works especially well with making expanded notes from a power point presentation. Power point keeps the speaker on track but don't come close to the kind of notes one makes with additional research and a textbook in hand. On the trip, I thought I was crazy lugging a large- screen laptop around the airport. I had a backpack for it which also contained lots of other stuff as well so it was weighty. Being forced to part from my full size computer, I found what I hated most about laptops was using my finger as a mouse. Adding a mouse made all the difference.

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