Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Canada at the Oscars

Sarah Polley and Ellen Page are not only extremely talented women - they somehow managed to be recognized despite being highly articulate with worthy messages. Both of them could just come on over anywhere in Canada and get people thinking and maybe even inspired to act. Regenesis is my favourite tv show and who can forget the day Sarah Polley lost a few teeth protesting on behalf of the poor. I would have gone to the theatre to watch their movies but I live in a small town without a theatre and receiving the Ridgetown newpaper and the Essex newspaper doesn't provide me with information of what is currently playing so I missed seeing the movies whenever they came out. So I'll be wandering to the local video store hoping to pick up Juno and Away from Her. Barbara Walters had trouble believe that schoolmates would be inclusive to a pregnant classmate in Juno's situation and some critics had trouble believing that Grant would continue to love Fiona through the Alzheimer's and her transfer of affection to Aubrey. Personally I would have thought it odd if people hadn't rallied around Juno and if a 50 year old marriage didn't contain enough love to survive emotional pain.

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