Friday, February 15, 2008


No, I'm not taking up bicycling. Personally I'd be the first to buy a military tank as my family vehicle of choice. My favourite medical area is neurology which leads to total paranoia about anything that could cause a head injury.

Actually, I'm trying to get myself organized enough to get back to T'ai Chi and line dancing which I know I like and when the icy/snowy stuff disappears, doing a daily variable intensity walk. Any dancing is fun as far as I'm concerned - even dancing with my Christmas Santa.

John has a personal trainer. David and Peter are walking every day. Stephen has dog walking, walking to Tim Hortons and his gardening. Paula and Danielle go to the gym semi-regularly. Even the dog and the cat trimmed down while I was Nova Scotia. Maybe it's time for the one who looks like the picture to do something about that back view.

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