Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For the Rest of My Life

Tonight I've been surfing around blogs with something about fatness in the name. I started with fatdoctor who's great and then followed links from there. The shrinking knitter had this to say about Ellen Page who played Juno, "I hope Ellen Page keeps making movies for the rest of my life." A light bulb went off in my head. I just started rattling off the really obvious choices. I think my family doctor is the best and hope I keep him for the rest of my life. My dentist, now there's a gem who better outlive me. If I choose bright, talented, caring graduates, there's every reason to think that I'll have died from old age before they reach retirement. If someone is 30 today and they retire at 65, they will be working until I'm 90 years old. I was in my middle 30s when I realized that I owned more books than could possibly be read in my lifetime. And I've been advised by senior friends that the day will soon arrive when a "lifetime guarantee" won't seem like much of a promise as the number of remaining years in a lifetime dwindle. I've climbed the hill of waiting forever for the next exciting milestone and am now on the side where time is in hyperdrive.

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