Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Juno Towers

For twenty-seven years, our vacations have all been family vacations - roughing it in a tent, staying with family, moving across the country stuff. People would talk about getting on a plane and travelling as a wellness activity but I couldn't figure out how that worked. If I couldn't relax in the bush, how would I relax with all the stimulation that comes with travelling?
The last few days of my time in Halifax, I think I came close. Of course, we are talking about the last few days of a month out of my environment. I was in something that resembled a hotel suite. There was the bedroom with tv, a bathroom, a study area, a kitchenette area, a table with a couple of chairs and a sitting room area with a little foyer. I was given a meal card and could choose anything I liked and ate in a formal dining room.
I've been home for 4 nights but I wake up every morning thinking I'm still in that suite. When I fall asleep, my subconscious goes to that world where I had no responsibilities and was totally provided for. Before I lived my life during the daytime and then relived whatever stressed me all over again in my sleep. So I'm wondering how long this lasts. How long will my subconscious live at night in this brief space where life was simple? I have a feeling that the room was designed expressly for this purpose as the people who normally stay there have extremely weighty responsibilities and lots of memories that are rugged. It's a healing space and a working space for those who cannot fall, for those who cannot quit, for those who soldier on.

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