Friday, February 15, 2008

Re: Calligraphy

This is the icon for the yahoo group byhandartists. My husband and I belong to a local calligraphy group called Kent Scribes. We're not very good at it but the other members have talent.

Calligraphy is almost meditative and requires hand eye coordination as well as an artistic flair. In our society that worships speed, it takes great discipline to commit yourself to a process that could be done in two minutes using computer fonts. My eyes need training to see and my mind needs focus and that requires the pen rather than the keyboard.

I'm doing a bit of algebra tutoring which is a bit like saying I'm a fish explaining to a baby bird how to fly. What I know about algebra could fit into a thimble with plenty of space to spare but if I know the answer, I can see which rule wasn't followed. Because I'm not a math person and because I have to sit there in case there's a problem that needs analyzing, I sometimes sound a touch angry or annoyed or whatever. So I'm thinking if I use the math time to work on calligraphy, it will center me and make the math process for pleasant for both of us.

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