Friday, February 29, 2008

Act like a Business?

Today, I'm exploring a blogger who teaches in an Arts Administration MBA program.
One of his articles is "Act like a business? Why aim so low?"
"5. We must work with clarity and discipline. Nonprofit arts organizations don't have the luxury of elbowroom; every action must be taken with elegance, intent and openness to learn and improve."
The current situation in the Anglican church feels neither elegant or disciplined. It feels more like a guerrilla war with both sides strategizing and manuevering. Seems to me that when I joined the Anglican Church, I agreed to be part of a hierarchial stucture under the authority of the Bishop. The 1960s are over and guess what - our time of being teenage protestors is long past. We are the establishment. Undermining our institutions and our authority figures is shooting ourselves in the foot because like it or not, we are the matriarchs and patriarchs in our families. We're supposed to hold things together so our children can fight for changes that work better for them while maintaining a legacy for our grandchildren. Type Gen Y into google - guess what. They aren't too impressed with the Baby Boomers. They'd really like us to grow up and stop acting like rebellious teenagers. It's their turn to protest and our turn to maintain a structure for them to reform. We are not the arrows. We are the bow.

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