Friday, May 4, 2007

Your Favourite Book Sale

What's your favourite book sale and is there one specifically designated for your special interest?
No hands down, our favourite book sale is in Windsor at Iona College. Our youngest son and his girl friend invited us over for supper tonight and we said no way - we'll be at Iona waiting for the doors to open!
The book sale at Iona College tonight, 7-9PM and tomorrow, 9AM - 3PM. Lots of books.
This is the book sale that we wait all year for. Iona College is the United Church College at The University of Windsor. I'd think the big book donations come from retired clergy or clergy widows. Last year, they forgot to notify us of the sale which they said was obvious in their profits. We literally go home with boxes and boxes of books. It's probably not the book sale for people interested in modern theology but it's the perfect book sale for priests with an undergraduate degree in history.
As for me, my preference is whatever is the largest local charitable booksale. Here it's the IODE book sale. This year it's June 9th. I'm not sure where the new location is. The old location was in walking distance of my house, so I used to go back and forth lugging books and magazines home. All the local stores are within walking distance of the rectory so everyone is used to me walking home carrying more than a rational person with her own car would attempt.

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