Saturday, May 5, 2007

Followup on Book Sale

Stephen and I were pretty equal buyers this year. We both bought approx. 40 books if I don't count the 5 Bibles and the set and a half of Interpreter's Bibles that Stephen bought. He's constantly prepared for someone knocking on the door wanting a Bible and he always has some preacher in mind who might not have a set of Interpreter's Bibles. So I say purchases that you already own and are only buying with the intent of helping someone else, don't count in the book total. I only compare our over the top self indulgent book buying tendencies. Hardcovers were a $1 and softcovers were 50 cents so our big annual extravaganza was around $120. Last night there were 3 people working at the sale and 4 customers. The first time we heard about it, Stephen was teaching a class and he sent his class to the sale to start their theological libraries. They need to have Iona and Canterbury send a notification of the sale to their religion students.

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