Thursday, May 10, 2007

HMCS Halifax

The HMCS Halifax is on a Great Lakes tour. Yesterday it stopped in Windsor and Sarnia. Stephen and Peter were guests on the ship between those two points. I got to be the crazy mom standing on the shore waving like crazy to our son David while the ship pulled into and left port. I obsessively watch all those Canadian moms watching their fallen soldier children being carried off the plane from Afghanistan and I couldn't help celebrating like crazy that my oldest is alive and well and on an adventure. I've practically made a career out of embarrassing my children but this time I pulled out all the stops and really made a spectacle of myself. After the ship pulled away from Sarnia, Peter said, "Oh, by the way, this is from David". My wardrobe has been expanded to include another T-shirt and hoody sweatshirt with a naval ship floating across my chest. It was raining like crazy yesterday and all the crew had on those bright yellow two piece rain suits. Christmas is coming. Wouldn't my short, fat body look stunning in naval rain gear. Here's hoping.

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