Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fat Doctors

There's a discussion going on at medscape about fat doctors: Are they letting the profession down by not practicing what they preach? Do doctors need to maintain "appropriate" weight in order to be good healers? So if your doctors don't have rock hard abs, they just might develop their own body image insecurities and let you agonize about yours in peace.
So have you developed a wellness program for yourself? As I have the fitness level on a good day of an 85 year old, I'm working out at the Seniors' Center. If you want a free website with all the dieting bells and whistles, go to They have all kinds of tracking tools, menus, support groups, blogs, video clips of exercises, articles on just about everything, etc. My favourite article is: 11 Things Children Can Teach You About Weight Loss. Go outside and play. Be a super hero. Use your Imagination. Have Fun., etc. I'm also rather fond of any book that compares the WASP lifestyle with that of less driven cultures - the ones that stop to eat and aren't competing 24/7.

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