Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cooking Styles

Peter and I had a tiff this week. Usually I don't care one way or the other if my kids are angry at me but this time I'm not so sure of my position. Peter wants me to teach him how to cook. He picked out a recipe and I was supposed to read the recipe, buy all the ingredients and follow the cooking instructions. Well I looked at the picture and basically it was meatloaf wrapped around hard boiled eggs with a sweet/sour tomato sauce on top so I was good to go.
P: How do you boil eggs?
Me: Well I know 3 ways, the cookbook way, grandma's way and mine which is a bit of both. Grandma puts eggs and water in pot covered with tight lid, brings the water to a boil and turns off the heat and lets the eggs sit for 25 minutes. The cookbook boils them until they are done which I think might be 7 minutes. I know an egg timer is 3 minutes because grandpa insisted we use it to time long distance calls. Grandpa thought anything worth saying required 3 minutes, I thought 30 minutes and you guys think 3 hours. And I think 3 minutes gives you a soft boiled egg so hardboiling is something longer. And anyway we had hardboiled eggs on toast for supper last night and I have enough extras for this recipe.
P: Don't put oatmeal on my meatloaf!!! Where does it say anything about oatmeal?
Me: Rolled oats is faster than fiddling around turning bread into soft bread crumbs. Wheat/Oats - both grains. Besides grandma preferred oats and I'm sure you'll like it better because it's one of those Scottish evolutionary things.
P: You just want to do it any which way to get it over and done with.
Me: yeah, duh.
I could have taught him bunches more but at that point he went upstairs and turned the volume up on his cd player trying to blast out his mom's misinformation.

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