Thursday, May 17, 2007

Justifying Upgrading

Thought I'd share 2 persuasive arguments to sell your partner on the need to upgrade technology.

While in high school, our daughter was dating a Mennonite lad. Her brothers' suggested that perhaps she didn't know herself very well. Not only do Mennonite women work extremely hard but even worse, there's no flopping in front of the tv to recover. Paula said there was no tv, but they did watch dvds on the computer. Well at the time, my computer didn't have a dvd player. Did I pounce on that one! I accept that I'm totally not in the league of cybergeeks but when I fall behind the Mennonites in cool toys, that's a definite call to action.

Recently I've been thinking that having an ipod might be fun. And guess what? Some kid did a study suggesting that the ipod may be a potential source of pacemaker interference. So obviously this is a purchase that can't be delayed indefinitely. Babyboomers of the world, get your ipods now because you never know what the future holds. And if you know some person who decides after receiving a pacemaker that what's needed is romance with a young one, well that funny feeling in the chest is not necessarily love. It could be the ipod in the young one's shirt pocket is the reason the old one's heart skipped a beat.

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