Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Queen, The Movie

I don't usually buy movies, but I'm considering this one. I wasn't a Diana fan mainly because I thought Margaret Trudeau was the edgier IT girl. Prince Charles, bulemia, Elton John just seemed quite conventional compared to Trudeau, manic depression, Keith Richards. So the Queen was out of touch with the emotions of her people and it almost brought down the monarchy - did it really matter in the end? Popularity contests are for politicians. Being Queen is a coronation - lifelong vows of faithful service to God and country no matter how she feels or how her subjects feel - it's about duty and responsibility - emotions just complicate things. Diana was the people's princess. Elizabeth carries the weight of the crown and accepts the loneliness of her position. She'll still be advising Prime Ministers and Archbishops long after Diana is a faded memory.

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