Friday, January 4, 2008

Textbooks for Christmas

Christmas presents for Peter and Paula this year were textbooks. Peter got his todays and were a lot less than I had anticipated so we stopped at Walmart and got a filing cabinet for him as well. I've been looking through them and there is some overlap between his media course and his marketing course and his business writing course has applications as well. The computer course seems to be mainly about Excel and the Math course is heavy on algebra with some geometry. He had a great first semester and I think he'll really enjoy this semester as well. Paula will be taking 6 university commerce courses this semester in order to be eligible to graduate in April. When she transferred from College they gave her 2 years credit less a course for her 3 years at St. Clair. So she has that one course to do as well as the normal course load for 4th year. She's holidaying in Montreal at the moment so she won't be purchasing any textbooks until next week.

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