Thursday, January 3, 2008

Breathe, Just Breathe

I'm on youtube listening to Breathe, Just Breathe with videoclips from Grey's Anatomy. David was home for Christmas and developed pneumonia. He lost 20 lbs and gave me his cache of cigarettes - that's how sick he was. We did an emergency room trip late Saturday night and he had his first dose of antibiotic at 4 a.m. Sunday. He was scheduled to attend a 6 month course starting tomorrow so he flew back to Halifax on Wednesday night. He made it to Halifax but he was taken by ambulance to the hospital when he tried waiting in the cold for a bus. So now he's in hospital with a chest tube and the military has told me that he may remain in hospital for a week so taking the course at this time probably won't happen. Wish he were here so I could be with him. Instead I'm hoping that somehow the message can travel from my mind to his, "Breathe, Just Breathe" David.

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