Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Rounds

Every month, Medscape selects a blogger to do Grand Rounds. The blogger selects a theme and then directs you to a blog entry from a variety of medical bloggers. So this month, the topic is "Briefing the Next President" and it's hosted by Alvaro from SharpBrains. Here's a link:
If this is your thing, you can get all the past Ground Rounds if you sign up at and do a search under pre-Rounds. You won't find it easily by searching Grand Rounds because the site also has specialty Grand Rounds which have nothing to do with blogging. To be notified about future grand rounds, you'd need to sign up for the medstudents newsletter which in my opinion is the best of the newsletters because it compiles a bunch of links from all the medscape speciality newsletters. It also has its regular med student blogs which gives the student perspective.

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