Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taxi Drivers

I've taken 2 taxis a day for 22 days. Every single ride has been with a different driver. Yesterday morning my driver was Russian and told me about health care from grandma. Another morning, my driver was Chinese and told me about the bad luck that comes when it's the year of whatever animal you were born under. It's like browsing a living internet with stories from all around the world. One taxi driver got out of his taxi and made sure you didn't slip on the ice getting to the door. He didn't need the company - he had a stream of customers calling him. My dad used to wonder why a pensioner without much money would call a cab every day to take him to the donut shop. It's a combination of transportation, a long range weather report, a multicultural experience with information you've never found anywhere else, a listening ear and being able to please someone with just a decent tip. I'd say it's quite the bargain.

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