Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sex in the Snow

Catchy title for a book on Canadian demographics. That said, it is really helpful for understanding a society that is changing rapidly. The problem old people like me have with it is that it has done a total flip on what is considered a healthy personality. In the old days when I was studying abnormal psychology, fluid sexual identity was considered a state of prolonged immaturity and instability. The adoption of multiple personalities was a form of dissassociation and spawned movies like the Three Faces of Eve. Now, the exploring of all the multiplicity of your personality shows a highly developed post modern imagination. Personally I've been trying for a lifetime to develop one somewhat healthy personality that serves well enough to get me through life. Hello: When your mother says get a life, she wants a real life. Virtual lifes are not real. Virtual moms do not fly across the country and live in hospital rooms for weeks on end trying to save your stupid life. Real moms come through - real moms have real emotions like love, guilt, fear, compassion, anger and a sense of duty towards the genetic material they send out into the world. Just to show you how old fashioned and corny I really am, I don't even consider my children my children. I think I have to knock myself out for them because they are God's children lent to me, entrusted to me, whatever and that I will be held accountable if they aren't a blessing to others. There's no crying in baseball and there's no quitting in parenting. And don't make a virtue out of what happens to kids when their parents are vitual parents. Virtual parents suck because they aren't Demeter. You deserve a parent that will descend to Hades and fight to haul Persephone back to a world of colour and beauty and fruits and vegetables and all things that if you were a little older and wiser you'd realize are absolutely miraculous.

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