Monday, January 12, 2009

Treadmill Dance

I never really got the point of treadmills. It looked like a lot of money for an even more boring way of walking than going outside. And then I saw the treadmill desk and thought maybe. I could see that walking on a treadmill while surfing the web was healthier than sitting in my grandma's easy chair and surfing the web. But it still wasn't a strong enough selling point. Then I went for a stress test and really wished I had treadmill experience. I was walking for 3 minutes before they finally were happy about the length of my stride and my heart stopped racing because it felt too much like stepping on the down escalator when your mind was prepared to go up.
And then I typed treadmill dance into youtube and finally released that a treadmill had potential.
So kids, if you'd really like to get your inheritance early, chip in for a treadmill for mom to dance on. I'm sure by the end of "Here We Go Again", I won't be able to go anywhere again.

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