Friday, January 9, 2009

Merecedes Benz

This is the song. Just insert my name and join in
I've done more praying that vehicles would live to reach their destination than any reasonable North American should. My vehicle is coming out of the auto body shop today. Stephen's vehicle is in the garage hopefully getting a new starter but we're already in the process of comparing vehicles on the web to replace it. We were one of those randomly chosen households to get a government visitor to survey what comes in and where the money disappears. We were politely told that it always amazes her that idiots like us who argue about all the numbers end up being accurate within 3 percentage points. The error - we forgot the gas for Peter to get to school. I figure a miracle is our best bet at a new car because I've had quite a few little miracles during this lifetime. I was thinking maybe a KIA hatchback was a reasonable request but I then I heard this song and thought why not.

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