Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks to my facebook friends I found out about When the kids were little, I probably couldn't have listened to a song if I wanted to. The house was noisy, chaotic and I was a highly distractable person. Then as the kids grew older, they were buying cds on a weekly basis and what I heard was their new purchase. When they left, I decided to go into a music store and buy my own cds but I had no idea of what I liked. I had the money in my pocket and was standing in a store full of music but I wasn't going to randomly grab something and plunk down that kind of money. is a great idea. People become their own djs posting their favourite music. I'm starting to put names to songs and am beginning to sort out what I like from what I'm not so fond of. This has to be good for the music industry. I like music with meaningful words but I'm not into being shouted at.
This is the dj I randomly picked tonight

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