Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Games Of Chance

The plinky question for today is what would you do with the money if you won a thousand dollars. I didn't answer the question because I'm not allowed to win a thousand dollars. The church considers lottery tickets an unfair tax on the poor and the vulnerable. When I've bought 50/50 tickets to support some cause, I have always given back my half of the winnings to the organization. There's no possibility that I will ever be shouting with joy because my ship came in.

Sometimes I have mixed feelings about the lottery rule. Would the world have ended if I had a day in my life where I did something crazy with a windfall? Is it really so noble to plod along with neither highs nor lows? Was it so necessary to always be saving for the next expense - the next move, the next car repair, the next loss? Was it really virtue to be so different - so set apart - so repressed?

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