Monday, April 14, 2008

Brain Cake

Yesterday I was customizing igoogle and included a "how to" section. Today's lesson is "How to make an Anatomically Correct Brain Cake". It makes me want to rush out and buy a cake pan but I have a scrip order in for Canadian Tire and Home Hardware so I'll be patient and let the parish get its percentage. Jan Ferris' signature line when the powers that be said they'd like to visit the Diocese of Yukon was "Come over and I'll bake you a cake." It was pretty effective because to this day I can't see any cake without thinking of Jan. My soon-to-be daughter-in-law decorates cakes so the family ones are her speciality. Maybe I'll make a statement with the brain - put one on my stationery, my calling cards, bring one to pot luck suppers. It's hard to think of anything more fascinating to baby boomers. On igoogle, I've added word of the day, foreign words of the hour, brain puzzles, brain games, wikki encyclopedia, a dictionary, etc. Unfortunately it makes it difficult to focus on productivity.

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